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Alfonso is back!

Michael Walker stops fight seconds into the seventh round giving Alfonso his twenty-two wins! Stay tunes for video and pictures.

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Alfonso “El Tigre” Lopez: “I’ll be back”

By Joseph Herron: In the boxing universe, too often a prizefighter’s career is judged by a single performance, with very little regard to his entire body of work.

Throughout boxing’s rich history, even the greatest of champions have been beaten. Only a handful of fighters have retired with an unblemished record. History tells us that defeat in boxing is almost inevitable, yet critics of the sport continue to place an overly officious emphasis on a single loss.

What separates the heart of a champion from the average fighter is how he reacts after swallowing the bitter pill of defeat. A true champion of boxing is determined to learn from disappointment and to come back even stronger for his next big opportunity.

Alfonso “El Tigre” Lopez insists that he possesses the heart of a true champion.

“After experiencing my first loss, I felt bad,” admits Lopez. “I initially felt that I let everyone down, including myself.”

But after reviewing his performance and digesting what had transpired this past Saturday night, Lopez’s forecast for his boxing future couldn’t be more optimistic.

“I proved that I can compete with the best and truly believe that I belong at the world class level,” claims the 28 year old fighter. “Kelly Pavlik is a former champion who has knocked out some great fighters. I not only took him the distance, but I felt like I did enough to get the victory.”

Although the judges at ringside didn’t share his sentiment on fight night, statistics of the bout support Alfonso’s argument.

“It’s very difficult for me to understand how a fighter can land more punches against his opponent and have a higher connect percentage, yet lose almost every round on two of the judges’ scorecards,” states Lopez.

The Cut & Shoot, TX resident landed 180 of 369 punches thrown, while Pavlik landed 168 of 374; yet judge Dick Houck scored the bout 98-92 and C J Ross scored it 99-91 in favor of the former universally recognized middleweight champion.

Judge Adalaide Byrd scored the bout 95-95, which coincidently was more consistent with the two Showtime analysts Al Bernstein and Antonio Tarver, who scored the fight unofficially 96-94 and 96-95 in favor of Kelly Pavlik.

Doug Fischer of also unofficially scored last Saturday night’s bout 96-95 for the Youngstown, OH based fighter.

“Although I don’t agree with the official decision, I accept full responsibility for not putting forth a more convincing argument in the ring,” professes Lopez. “My hand speed, lateral movement, and combination punching was giving him a lot of problems. But instead of boxing him, I elected to try and fight a more physical type of battle for most of the fight, which better suited Pavlik.”

While most boxing scribes recognize that Pavlik indeed had a tough time fighting the Corpus Christi, TX native, very few are citing Lopez as the cause. Most ringside observers have attributed Pavlik’s lack-luster performance with “ring-rust” rather than appreciating the skills and talent of the Texas prospect.

“It bothers me a little bit,” admits Lopez. “I was undefeated before I faced Pavlik for a reason. Kelly stated during the press conference before the fight that he felt completely prepared both mentally and physically, so to say that I wasn’t the reason for the amount of difficulty he had in the ring isn’t a fair assessment.”

“He’s still Kelly Pavlik…he wasn’t exposed or anything like that on Saturday night,” claims the Texas fighter. “If anyone was exposed on fight night, it was me. I was exposed as a good fighter.”

Although he feels somewhat disrespected by this critique, Alfonso has elected to view this with optimism rather than resentment.

“I had trouble getting the best fighters to face me before my fight with Pavlik, so it’s probably a positive for me that critics are calling it ring-rust.”

Lopez recognizes the realistic possibility that his gritty performance may very well have earned him the dreaded “avoided fighter” moniker. This doesn’t seem to bother the Texas fighter.

“This entire experience has been really motivating for me,” states Alfonso. “Being part of such a big fight really makes me want to work even harder to get back to this level. I just have to put together another winning streak and prove to everyone that I deserve to be there.”

“I think I showed everyone that I wasn’t intimidated by my opponent or the environment,” claims Lopez. “I can fight anybody. I am confident that over time the truth will reveal itself and I will get another opportunity.”

Although Lopez saw his unbeaten streak come to an end, he wants to assure his fans that he will learn from this experience and come back even stronger.

“I hope everyone enjoyed my performance on Saturday night. I know I didn’t get the decision, but I feel that I have the mental and physical toughness to compete with anyone in this division.”

“I will get right back into the gym and work my way into position for an eventual rematch with Kelly Pavlik.”

Source: Eastside Boxing

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Kelly Pavlik Survives Scare, Wins Majority Decision Over Alfonso Lopez

Kelly Pavlik (32-2, 32 KO) took on Alfonso Lopez (21-0, 16 KO) on the pay-per-view undercard of the Manny Pacquiao vs. "Sugar" Shane Mosley card. The former middleweight champion Pavlik was returning to the ring after a stint in rehab for alcoholism.

Lopez was able to land some shots in the first round as Pavlik looked to get his legs. Lopez used a lot of feinting to try to keep Pavlik from getting settled but did eat a nice hook late in the round. Pavlik looked to fight a rougher fight in the second and managed to have a much better round, but this time it was Lopez making the late charge and possibly stealing the round.

Pavlik fought the third round at a much better pace, landing shots and appearing to get more comfortable, but as with the second round he slowed down over the last half of the round and allowed Lopez to start working combinations.

Round four saw an accidental clash of heads open a nasty cut over the right eye of Pavlik. Pavlik did enough to seemingly win the round which pulled the fight even on the SBNation card. Pavlik continued to find the left hook in round five as he continued to work through the ring rust and Lopez's work rate dropped significantly. For all the solid work of Lopez early he simply stopped pushing the fight and allowed Pavlik to get comfortable and get his power shots in from rounds three through six.

Lopez fought the seventh round with more aggression, again going back to combination punching to score points. Pavlik would land a low blow that brought the action to a brief stop and got a stern warning from the referee. It was Lopez's best round since round two. Lopez and Pavlik both fought a hard eighth round which Lopez closed out with a sharp combination that may have stolen the round on the judge's cards and evened up the fight 76-76 on the SB Nation scorecard.

The tale of the fight by the ninth round was Lopez's combination punching against the single power shots of Pavlik. Lopez survived a rocky middle of the fight to really give a good showing but Pavlik tagged him with a very hard hook in the tenth round that hurt Lopez badly. Pavlik dominated the final round with big left hands that repeatedly hurt Lopez and had him reeling badly for most of the round. Lopez managed to remain on his feet and fire punches back but it was a very solid close to the fight.

In a fight filled with close rounds SBN saw the score 95-95 even. But the official scorecards read 95-95 even, 98-92 and 99-91 for Kelly Pavlik. Kelly Pavlik wins by majority decision.

Hard to understand the 99-91 and 98-92 scorecards but Pavlik got a very much needed victory.

Author: Brent Brookhouse
Source:  SB Nation

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Alfonso Lopez Vs Romero Johnson Highlights

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Alfonso scores a 12th round KO to win the WBC Continental Americas Super Middleweight Championship.

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WBC Continental Americas champion!

12th round KO!

Lopez Wins Continental Americas Title.

Alfonso Lopez (21-0-0, 16 KOs) became the new WBC Continental Americas champion on Thursday night with a 12th round knockout of Romero Johnson (11-3-0).  In a fast paced fight, Lopez handed Johnson the only knockout defeat of his career.

"It was a tough fight." says Lopez, "Johnson is a tough guy and he's got an awkward style that makes the fight really physical.  I got head-butted several times.  I thought I was cut."

Lopez also suffered a hand injury that forced him to change strategy in the middle rounds.

"I think it was the fifth round when I hurt my right hand,"  Said Lopez, "After that I wasn't able to throw it hard.  I kept throwing it but it was painful, even when I was only throwing body shots.  I was using it more to try to set up something hard with my left.  I was catching him with hard jabs coming in and some big hooks before we finally got him out of there."

"I felt strong at 168." Lopez said of making the Super Middleweight limit.   "There's a lot going on at 168 right now and we're here to stay.  I've got a title to defend now."

The fight took place in Dallas, Texas at an exclusive black tie event hosted by the Dallas Petroleum Club.

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So what happened June 17th?

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Well, this new site was supposed to make it easier to update, and give the user (you) a better experience. But I haven't been able to teach Alfonso or Gina how to use their new site just yet, and somehow updating the site slipped my mind. I guess its been a pretty busy month.

Alfonso won against Rubin Williams last month at the Humble Civic Center with a unanimous decision from the judges. The fight went 10 rounds. Here are some highlights

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Alfonso to Fight on June 17th!

Thursday, June 17th. Alfonso El Tigre Lopez will be fighting at the Humble Civic Center. For tickets call Felix @ 832-260-6090. See you there!
-Alfonso Lopez

There you have it folks. Alfonso's next fight coming next month! Be sure to contact Felix Ramirez at the number above for ticket information. Feel free to comment below to let your friends know your going. As with all images on the site, click on the small poster to see it full size. See ya there!

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Unanimous decision gives Lopez his 19th win

Alfonso wins in the 6th round by unanimous decision, bringing Alfonso's new record to 19-0. More to come!

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Fight Night Shirts are in!

Team Lopez will have new shirts for fight this Saturday. Keep a eye out!





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CORPUS CHRISTI - His record is unblemished. But it's hard to find a defining moment in Alfonso Lopez's boxing career.

At 18-0 with 15 knockouts, only seven of those victories have come against fighters with winning records. Four of those now sport double digits in the career loss column. Lopez says it's not because he and his team haven't wanted tougher fights.

"We've tried to fight a couple times on ESPN. We try to find better opponents, but it doesn't pan out," he said. "I'm not the type of fighter people want to take risks with, and I can't blame them. I don't make no fight easy."

Nor does his next opponent, Gabriel Holguin. A veteran of nearly 10 years, he comes into Saturday night's bout at the American Bank Center with a 25-7 record. Holguin fought at 218 pounds just a year ago, a six-round unanimous decision loss to Kingsville's Homer Fonseca at Harlingen Field. "Hurricane" will have to make the light heavyweight limit of 175 for this one. He's been knocked out just once in his career.

"Obviously, he's got a world-class chin, or he's just very tough and strong," Lopez said. "I just think to get in the ring and box somebody that's just going to box you and not try to rough you up, throw you around the ring and head-butt you, it presents a challenge. I think it's going to be a good boxing fight. Two tough Mexicans in there, it could turn into a war."

One where victory, could mean new opportunity for Lopez.

"I'm trying to get it done this year. I'm looking for a big fight this year," he said. "I think my team will get it, but I've just got to be patient. I think we're going to get through this fight, get a big win, look impressive and look for something big because I'm ready."

"I just think it will be kind of a break, something that just kind of happens, you know? A guy falls out of a TV show, 'hey, we need someone who can make 168 or someone to fight at 175. Let's call him,' And me, just being ready and being in shape. I think that's how my opportunity may come."


CHECK OUT THE VIDEO >>>>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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